Damien Ware is a local poet and resident of the Buckeye neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland. Woure' got serious about poetry while serving in Iraq and upon his return to Cleveland, started teaching youth about writing and poetry. Woure' is continuing his education in poetry and reciveving a master's degree in creative writing from Cleveland State University.

In 2015 Damien worked to help create Love Lunes Over Buckeye, a literary art project unique to the Buckeye community, combining poetry and hand-painted signage to convey a message of love, hope, and inspiration through neighborhood togetherness. The project paired spoken word poet Damien Ware with the visual art firm Little Jacket and sign painting artist Alan Giberson to create a series of hand-painted “Lune” poems along the Buckeye Road commercial district.

Read more about Damien's work on the Love Lunes project here.

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