My name is Perris Mackey. Some know me as p_ThaNerd. I was born and raised in the city of Cleveland.

I started my artistic career in 2011. I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Exit Through the Gift Shop." It was a story about a handful of well-known street artists. I was so compelled by the film that I had to get involved somehow and some way. I started collaging in 2014. I created a large Batman portrait out of comic book scraps from my personal collection. I posted it on Facebook and within the hour I had hundreds of likes and comments — more interactions than any of my previous artistic endeavors. I took this as a sign to continue.

I’ve had write-ups in The Plain Dealer, Scene Magazine, and other local publications. I have also had multiple TV appearances including Kickin it with Kenny and Good Day Cleveland.

I’ve been working continuously in hopes that I can boost the awareness of myself and my art. I strive to change the perception of “The Starving Artist” and show my kids and others that IT IS possible to live a successful life as a full-time artist.


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