Sculpture and urban situations merge in my pursuit of public art.

My work is centered on experimenting in the public realm. I integrate an intuitive approach to public space and public art to create sculptures that reveal a deeper meaning of that place. Public Art can be a form of urban acupuncture, carefully pinned to amplify aspirations and provocatively tie people to a place and to each other.

Each new site yields a unique framework for a gestural response. It is never a blank slate, rather a collection of related objects. There are reason for things, their placement and their history, distilling these complex site conditions exposes a special quality of a place.

You will find at the core of my work are concepts that strive for an experiential engagement; a contemplative place to occupy, and some sort of imagined or actual public function. The concept drives what happens next; scale, shape, textures, colors, materiality, the illumination, a visual narrative, etc. There is always a wide range of outcomes. I like it this way; it somehow ensures invention, mystery and new directions.


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