Darius Steward (1984) is an American Artist from East Cleveland, Ohio. Outliving the neighborhood, he grew up in, Steward is one of a select few whose determination got him out of the zip code.

Completing his undergrad at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2008 and his MFA at the University of Delaware in 2010 he recognized the importance of education and mentorship, investing himself and his creative process in the future of humanity. Symbolically and literally, he addresses cultural and societal conflicts and opens conversation across racial, socioeconomic, gender and cultural lines.

Steward also serves as the Program Manager for the Cleveland Museum of Art in their Education Department for “Currently under Curation.” He recruits and mentors inner city youth across interdisciplinary arts fields. Teaching them the art of curation in addition to numerous professional skills with the intended purpose of increased college application and attendance.

Darius  Steward

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