Nathalie is a performing artist and painter from Cali, Colombia, currently residing and working in Cleveland, OH.

She considers herself an empirical visual artist. Nathalie began her journey in painting in Ohio in 2017, seeking to connect more deeply with her origins. She decided to base her artistic work on the indigenous cultures of Latin America, reflecting her heritage and creating a sense of home. For Nathalie, painting has become a bridge between her past and future.

Nathalie's visual work vividly reflects Latin cultures, emphasizing their beauty and colors. She captures her roots and history, often incorporating themes of protest against abandonment. Her residence in the United States has provided her with opportunities to showcase her work in various galleries and art institutes, such as the Beck Center for the Arts, 78th Street Studios, and House of Blues, among others. Notably, Nathalie had the opportunity to exhibit her work with Samsung, presenting pieces in prominent locations like the World Trade Center and Times Square in New York City.

Although her experience with acrylics is relatively recent, it has allowed Nathalie to connect more profoundly with her past. She continues to learn and enjoy the artistic process. In 2020, she began working for Barroco and Hola Tacos, painting murals both inside and outside the restaurants, further expanding her artistic influence.

Nath Bermudez

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