Visual Artist, Alicia Vasquez’s artworks introduce the natural world through patterns, color, and the many other naturalistic elements such as botanicals, animals, and human figures.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she received her bachelor’s degree in illustration from the Cleveland institute of art. Growing up from a very diverse multicultural background, A lot of her artwork themes portray those inspirations of unity and togetherness alongside her love for nature, and spiritual journey as an artist. Alicia now works full time as a public artist/ muralist and as a professional tattoo artist. She lives in Ohio but also enjoys traveling to work residencies as a tattoo artist.

Alicia has always had a love for experimenting with different mediums, but her favorites include ink, pencil, and wood. Her favorite styles to illustrate include fun textured patterns and nature, from mandalas to art nouveau inspired ornamental works.

Recently she has displayed mural works such as “Heart of Gold” at metro health hospital, as well “Lions Roar”, a temporary mural installation that was installed at downtown public square behind rebol café.

In her free time, Alicia enjoys going for hikes and trail runs, she also enjoys traveling, nature documentaries, bookstores, yoga and Zen, gardens, herbal teas and fruit smoothies, and calm walks in on the beach.


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