This collection of work is a contemporary approach to impressionism, focusing on the landscape that surrounds me. With an impasto application, I adhere the oil paint to the surface.

I approach the canvas with an aggressive, yet subtle sensibility that distorts the image depending on how it is viewed in proximity. My tool of choice is the palette knife, and with it I make sharp decisions as I slather, scrape or toss paint upon the surface.

Like the impressionist painters, I focus on the light in my works. I start each piece with an established light or mood and use my sense of color to push the boundaries of what is realistic and what is suggested. I replace black tones with deep purples and blues, and greys with pinks and lavenders.
Exploring in the woods as a child installed an appreciation for nature and all of the colors and textures from it. I continue with that exploration as an adult as I push the boundaries of color and textures in these paintings.

Eileen Dorsey

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