Amanda D. King is an artist, activist, and educator. Her artistic practice involves analog photography, creative direction, public art and arts education as activism.

Her work explores black subjectivity and seeks to awaken society to the enduring struggles and residual strengths of black people. She is interested in the nexus between the individual experiences of black folks and the systemic issues of race, gender, and socioeconomics that affect us all. In a society that weaponizes blackness to maintain white supremacy, she uses imagery as force to compel racial equity and justice.

In 2018, “The Marigolds,” a project by Amanda King, was installed in the windows of an abandoned storefront along Buckeye Road, as part of our Inner City Hues project and included murals located at three locations within Buckeye-Shaker and Mount Pleasant. Programmed activities ranged from a gallery exhibition, artist workshops, and block parties have generated positive attention and provided opportunities for the community to participate in the creation of neighborhood-inspired art. Several hundred people attended and participated in the various community events.

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