We lead and initiate public space and public art projects in Cleveland and its neighborhoods. We also play an integral role in projects initiated by community organizations, resident groups, and partners. Our partners depend on us to make things happen and know we have the expertise to deliver results.

Our approach sets us apart. Engaging with the community is essential to our work. We listen to what residents, leaders, and visitors have to say, so that our projects will result in vibrant public spaces that are welcoming to everyone.

Below, please find more information on the programs and services LAND provides.

Public Space Planning

We work collaboratively with residents, community organizations, civic leaders, artists, and designers to develop thoughtful public spaces, vibrant public art, and inclusive community programming.


Public Art Master Plans

We create actionable master plans that assist communities, organizations, developers, artists, and designers in imagining and realizing their own creative future through public space and public art.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to our work. Every place has a story to tell. Understanding the complex layers that make up a place are central to every project we do. We immerse ourselves in neighborhoods to help communities envision what they can be.


Art Curation

LAND studio is a connector to local, national, and international creative talent. We produce unique art projects and experiences for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Project Management

We play an integral role in the successful implementation of projects initiated by residents, communities, and organizations. We work with our partners and clients to develop visions and engage stakeholders. We identify, secure, and manage diverse funding sources essential to every project. We can help you take complex ideas from concept to creation.


Speaker's Bureau

When your civic group or club wants to hear more about public space and public art in Cleveland, look to LAND studio's speaker's bureau. Get speakers for your next meeting or event by calling Megan Jones at (216) 621-5413 x120.

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If you have questions, general comments, or feedback about our work, your input and support is always welcome.


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