Best. Beach towel. Ever!

No one does donor premiums like LAND studio. And no one has ever made a more beautiful representation of summer...on a towel, than Colombian-born local artist Nathalie Bermudez! Together, we have collaborated to create the best summer gift, just for LAND's friends and supporters. 

These mid-weight beach towels are oversized at 35"x75", machine washable, and will be the talk of your pool this summertime, so get one while they last. 

As this design is a paid commision, your gift also helps build Nathalie's capacity to create future work.

Own one of these stunning, limited-edition beach towels, support LAND studio and lift up a talented local artist with a gift of only $58.

This item will be available for a limited time, in a very limited quantity.

Grab a Beautiful Beach Towel Here

LAND studio beach towel premiumLAND studio beach towel donor gift

The design inspiration, from Nathalie:

"This piece is inspired by the toucans, which are the tropical birds of Colombia. I wanted to focus on the nature of the Colombian Pacific and the colors of the sea. I wanted to be inspired by one of the most representative places of my country, Cartagena of Indias.

I decided to choose warm colors to transport people to a place where you can feel calm and tranquility which is what finally transmits us to be in the sea. Finally, there are the faces that represent the multiculturalism in the country where we all live, the love and appreciation for people of different cultures, roots, and heritage."

Exclusivamente por LAND studio donadores y la artista local nacida en Colombia, Nathalie Bermúdez, se ha creado una toalla de playa personalizada inspirada en las aves tropicales de Colombia.  Nathalie utiliza colores cálidos para transportar a las personas a lugares de calma y tranquilidad.  También destaca rostros que representan amor y aprecio por personas de diferentes culturas, raíces y herencias.  Obtenga más información sobre Nathalie y su increíble trabajo aquí.  ¡Haz una donación de $58 o más y recibe una toalla de playa única para cuando hagas tu chapuzón este verano!

¡Consigue tu toalla de playa aquí!



"I entered the world of painting after coming to the United States from Colombia. At that time, I felt an intense need to connect with my culture and my roots. I decided my paintings must tell the story of where I came from, where I once belonged. I began by telling the stories of people from my country that cannot tell their own stories. My paintings, I realized, would tell the stories of Colombia’s indigenous and Afro-indigenous people. 

I found my paintings unintentionally centered on women. The figures in my work show Colombian’s experience of strength through strife, and together, my pieces are a vibrant, Colombian celebration of feminine energy and fortitude.

I am very interested in making an impact on all Spanish-speaking communities. My intention as an artist and as a Latina is that through my paintings people who have come from other countries feel identified and inspired, that they know how important they are for this country and how important it is for me that they are painted and seen."

Life's a beach! Get a beautiful towel to go with it!

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