In the summer of 2017, LAND studio proudly selected artist Danté Rodriguez to showcase his work on The Art Wall, a rotating art space on Public Square. Each quarter, a new local artist is picked to transform our cityscape, enriching it with creativity.

From the Artist

Intersection is an expressive interpretation of pedestrians and wildlife crossing a street intersection. The black and white graphic image has been fragmented, creating a personal coded visual language of the dynamics between humans and wildlife. My approach to the assignment was similar to how a weaver interlaces threads in making a layered image through time. The silhouetted lower half portion of the human and deer bodies are made unrecognizable by opposing black and white abstract patterns. They are a symbolic gesture of the complex relationship we have with our environment.

Dante Rodriguez

Meet the Artist

Dante Rodriguez

Dante Rodriguez was born in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico in 1978 and raised in Lorain, Ohio by a Puerto Rican family. Always drawing as a kid, it was “natural to study art in college.” He received a BA in Studio Arts from Cleveland ...

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