Experience an immersive art installation by world-renowned artist Rebecca Louise Law. Law’s artworks are created by preserving natural materials and reconfiguring them into otherworldly designs. Her most well-recognized artworks are comprised of thousands of flowers, individually sewn and suspended. Viewers are invited to navigate through them, discovering the diverse forms, colors, and textures of each specimen.

The Archive is NOW on display in the Main Library at 325 Superior Avenue E, downtown Cleveland. The Archive is free and viewable to all anytime the library is open — Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm.

Rebecca Louise Law

Meet the Artist

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law (British b.1980) is known for creating immersive installations with natural materials. Preserved flowers have become the signature of her most recognized works. Her work explores the complexity of our human connection to nature wi...

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Our human desire to collect natural objects has always existed. We archive and treasure nature as an appreciation of what we are given here on Earth.

Rebecca Louise Law, Artist


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