Experience a free immersive art installation by internationally acclaimed artist Rebecca Louise Law. Among her most renowned creations are vast collections of sewn and suspended flowers, each one a unique exploration of form, color, and texture.

Discover The Archive for yourself, now on display at the Cleveland Public Library, 325 Superior Avenue E, in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Due to its popularity, Main Library’s Brett Hall will temporarily open its doors to the public on Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. from June 2 through July 28, allowing visitors to experience the exhibit seven days a week.

- The Archive will be on view until August 3rd. -

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Our Role

LAND Studio played a central role in curating and orchestrating The Archive by Rebecca Louise Law at the Cleveland Public Library, as part of their SEE ALSO program. Our involvement spanned multiple facets, including artist selection, project management, and the meticulous oversight of the flower production process, which involved sourcing, gathering, drying, and stringing the thousands of flowers that comprise the heart of the installation.

In Spring 2023, we facilitated collaborative workshops, bringing together volunteers and staff to participate in the flower stringing process. Subsequently, LAND Studio coordinated the blast-freezing of all 500,000 flowers to preserve their freshness.

Additionally, we collaborated with local fabricator MERCER-works to construct the installation structure, ensuring it seamlessly complemented the overall vision. In June 2023, our team worked closely alongside the artist for six days, demonstrating our dedication to bringing The Archive to life at the Cleveland Public Library

Rebecca Louise Law

Meet the Artist

Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law (British b.1980) is known for creating immersive installations with natural materials. Preserved flowers have become the signature of her most recognized works. Her work explores the complexity of our human connection to nature wi...

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Our human desire to collect natural objects has always existed. We archive and treasure nature as an appreciation of what we are given here on Earth.

Rebecca Louise Law, Artist

Rebecca Louise Law on 'The Archive'

Rebecca Louise Law on 'The Archive'

In her own words, the artist describes her latest work.
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