#FlockCle was the first installation of the LANDFORM art program and temporarily brought 376 colorful creatures designed by the Italian art collective Cracking Art all around downtown Cleveland. The critters were also installed on Public Square, the Mall, and the greenspace surrounding the Great Lakes Science Center.

photo credit: Bob Perkoski

The animals were also installed in the Eastman Reading Garden and on the outside balconies of the Cleveland Public Library on Superior Avenue as the 2016 See Also installation.

Cracking Art has done large scale temporary art installations all over the world, with this installation being the largest in the United States. The project included a one of the kind massive red elephant built for Cleveland. Other creatures include snails, swallows, wolves, meerkats and frogs. Each brilliantly colored animal creates a playful contrast between formal architectural settings. 

Cracking Art, an Italian art collective, derives its name from the technical use of the term "cracking", as shorthand for the chemical process that turns petroleum into materials such as plastic. The animals were all made with recycled plastic and after the installation, they were recycled again!

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