#FlockCle was the first installation of the LANDFORM art program and temporarily brought 376 colorful creatures designed by the Italian art collective Cracking Art all around downtown Cleveland. The critters were also installed on Public Square, the Mall, and the greenspace surrounding the Great Lakes Science Center.

From the Artist

As a city develops and thrives, it becomes increasingly artificial, disconnected from the natural environment. Subtle reminders or surprises within the urban landscape remind us to pause and reflect. Flock by Cracking Art is an exhibition that will fill our urban landscape with ordinary subjects made extraordinary through their super size, vivid colors, and form, inviting the passerby to reexamine their perspective on urban life while inspiring them to play with our city to mentally and physically rebuild Cleveland.

The internationally recognized Cracking Art from Milan, Italy, brings contemporary sculptures to classical architecture in the Eastman Reading Garden and throughout downtown. As they pass through these spaces, passers-by are encouraged to interact with the 367 whimsical creatures, injecting splashes of color into our playful urban landscape.

Cracking Art, an Italian art collective, derives its name from the technical term "cracking" as shorthand for the chemical process that turns petroleum into materials such as plastic. The animals were all made with recycled plastic, and after the installation, they were recycled again!

Cracking Art

Meet the Artist

Cracking Art

The Cracking Art movement was born in 1993 with the intention to radically change the history of art through a strong social and environmental commitment. The revolutionary use of plastic materials investigates the close relationship between natural ...

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