In the spring of 2017, LAND studio proudly selected artist Dakarai Akil to showcase his work on The Art Wall, a rotating art space on Public Square. Each quarter, a new local artist is picked to transform our cityscape, enriching it with creativity.

About the Art

Dakarai's collages are small windows into the worlds of black surrealism & Afrofuturism. Each piece tells its own story that is entirely up to the viewer to create based on their own observations. When creating these collages, Dakarai focuses on color, shape, and composition to tell a story to give the viewer a unique feeling.

Dakarai Akil

Meet the Artist

Dakarai Akil

Dakarai Akil is a Los Angeles based collage artist and illustrator from Cleveland, OH. Primarily working in collage and design, he has self-published three art books that catalog works created between the span of 2014 to 2021. He has participated in...

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