In the summer of 2023, LAND studio proudly selected artist Chen Peng to showcase her work on The Art Wall, a rotating art space on Public Square. Each quarter, a new local artist is picked to transform our cityscape, enriching it with creativity.

There, There Prints Available

Give a gift of $50 or more, and receive the second edition of our LANDiversary collection—a charming print titled There, There by the talented local artist Chen Peng. Join us in elevating the vibrant art scene in Cleveland by supporting our incredible local talents one print at a time.


From the Artist

I create fantastical paintings that explore loss, longing, and the wish to feel grounded. There, There is inspired by the new craft I picked up during the pandemic - sewing. In the painting, a cute and puffy cloud, rendered in Trompe ‘l’oeil style, offers consolation to a “real” cloud, which seems sad. Two clouds exist in the same picture plane, under the same sky, yet they seem to belong to different worlds. Each world offers a certain degree of reality. I am interested in the relationship between these worlds and how they generate a sense of humor and possibilities for dialogue when they collide.

In my work, I often use the sky as a backdrop to create a dream-like environment. I try to remember and reconnect with the mindset of painting as a child. I always think of the sky as a refuge for the mind. It contains hopes, dreams, and memories. Floating in the middle of the sky, the images and objects in my paintings become a portal to tenderness. 

Chen Peng

Meet the Artist

Chen Peng

Chen Peng is a Taiwanese artist currently based in Cleveland. She received an MFA in Painting from Boston University, a BFA in Painting from Cleveland Institute of Art, and a BA in Philosophy from National Taiwan University. She has participated in ...

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