During the summer of 2022, LAND studio proudly chose the artist duo Yeju & Chat to feature their work in the Cleveland Public Library's See Also program. The annual series brings innovative and thought-provoking temporary art installations to the Eastman Reading Garden at Cleveland Public Library’s Main Branch.

About the Art

On End, a series of sculptures composed of hundreds of custom-made bookends, is a new site-specific installation by Yeju & Chat for the Cleveland Public Library’s Eastman Reading Garden. Continuing their exploration in rethinking how we view and interact with everyday objects and spaces, the artist duo seeks to bring playful and unexpected moments to the garden’s visitors and the urban fabric of downtown Cleveland.

The installation highlights bookends, common objects in every library. While keeping books in place, bookends also mark a beginning and an end. On End was built by continuously connect- ing these “beginnings” and “endings” to one another, alluding to boundless transitions and growth.

At the end of this exhibition, the sculptures will be disassembled, and the bookends will revert back to their original function. They will be distributed to Cleveland Public Library branches and local communities, beginning a new life of their own. 

Yeju & Chat

Meet the Artist

Yeju & Chat

Yeju & Chat is a multi-disciplinary collaborative practice between designers/artists Yeju Choi and Chat Travieso, based in New York City. With backgrounds in art, architecture, urban design, graphic design, and education, Yeju & Chat has been...

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