In the spring of 2022, LAND studio proudly selected artist
J. Leigh Garcia to showcase her work on The Art Wall, a rotating art space on Public Square. Each quarter, a new local artist is picked to transform our cityscape, enriching it with creativity.

From the Artist

My grandmother and her sisters spent a lot of time in their kitchen in Monterrey, Mexico, grinding corn by hand with a metate to prepare masa for handmade tortillas. Two generations later, my sister and I purchased pre-packaged tortillas at the grocery store for our tacos and migas. While my sister and I may not engage in the same labor-intensive process of making tortillas from scratch that our grandmother and great-aunts did, when we make tortilla-based meals together, we feel connected to each other and the generations of sisters before us who have enjoyed this food together.

J. Leigh Garcia

Meet the Artist

J. Leigh Garcia

As a biracial Latina, a seventh-generation Texan of European descent on my mom’s side, and granddaughter of Mexican immigrants on my dad’s, I have followed the roots of my own ancestry to shape my artistic practice. Major events in Texas...

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