In the winter of 2024, LAND studio proudly selected artist Ewuresi Archer to showcase her work on The Art Wall, a rotating art space on Public Square. Each quarter, a new local artist is picked to transform our cityscape, enriching it with creativity.

From the Artist

Indescribable Charm is a piece about capturing the indescribable feeling of tranquility through a vibrant landscape. With exaggerations in the textured grass with natural shades of green contrasted with bright oranges and distorted landscapes, this piece provides a space for people to stop, think, and reflect. Within this charming scene, a figure stands front and center with features associated with African Americans. My art is about celebrating myself and my culture; with this piece, I’m celebrating the beauty of black people. Putting an African American figure in a field of grass that calls for admiration gives a viewer no choice but to also admire the figure’s aesthetics. This piece puts them in a place of admiration. His strong yet ethereal presence adds depth to the piece as a whole. The serene landscape, in contrast to the figure’s beauty, creates a wonderfully harmonious composition that invites viewers to contemplate the majestic charm of the grass and the mysterious beauty of the figure.

Ewuresi Archer

Meet the Artist

Ewuresi Archer

Ewuresi Archer is a Ghanaian American painter and printmaker who graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2022 with a BFA in Painting and an emphasis in Printmaking. She is an artist currently living and working in Cleveland, OH and has show...

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