In 2017, we collaborated with Cleveland SGS, a group of artists based in Ohio, to create the third installation of our LANDFORM program. Their permanent sculpture, Corner Light, remains on display at Public Square.

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Neighborhoods define the character of a city. The triumph and tragedy experienced by its residents give meaning to the nondescript buildings that populate the skyline. Day in and day out, neighborhood life generates stories, many of which are forgotten, others living on to form a narrative unique only to us. Whether a story emanates from a living room, corner store, playground, or intersection there is always a visual language that holds it together. The collection of symbols and signs before you uses a vocabulary best understood by those who have contributed to the story of Cleveland.

Cleveland SGS

Meet the Artist

Cleveland SGS

For over a decade, Cleveland SGS has investigated the hidden meaning behind the commercial narrative of their hometown. From pawnshops to carryout, hair care to daycare, back alleys to bar stools, SGS chronicles their discoveries in paint, pixels, mo...

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Corner Light is a monument to what gives us character: the neighborhoods that emanate from our city’s center.

Cleveland SGS, Artist Collective

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