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Meet the artist behind the new mural in Cleveland’s Public Square

Inverted Bliss by Christa Freehands

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A splash of color and a pop of inspiration are brightening up the spirits of those passing through downtown Cleveland.

Christa Freehands is the artist behind the new beautiful mural, “Inverted Bliss,” located in downtown Cleveland’s Public Square.

Freehands said this artwork is supposed to resemble peace.

“Being a Black youth in the city of Cleveland, we don’t always see ourselves in the most peaceful light. We are forced to see ourselves in a dark light, which isn’t true. So, I like to see my mural, I hope that people see something very vibrant, something very loving,” said Freehands.

For the last six years, murals have been displayed in Public Square behind Rebol on the back of their building. The goal is to give local artists an opportunity to be featured.

Tara Turner, the senior director of development and communications at Land Studio, said when artists go up on this wall, many times they go big.

“One of our artists from a couple years ago now works for the New York Times,” said Turner.

Turner said they work with a company that expands the size of the murals that are on the wall.

“I love seeing it change. I love that it’s not the same and it really is a reflection of our community. It is public art and public art is really an opportunity to reflect and think for yourself. What does this mean to me personally? How does it resonate and what does it mean to the community?,” said Turner.

Freehands most frequent work is featured outside Bulton Elementary school in Cleveland.

“It’s definitely a way to inspire the kids to come here and feel like they can be whoever they want to be and leave with that same amount of dignity,” said Freehands.

The art in Public Square changes every few months.

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