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Made in the CLE: LAND studio Celebrates 10th Birthday with Locally-made Gifts to Donors

Cleveland, Ohio - LAND studio, the placemaking organization responsible for bringing the Cracking Art creatures to downtown city streets, the Inner City Hues project, and countless murals, is celebrating its 10th birthday this year.

And what better way to celebrate the public art LAND studio has brought to the city than with personal pieces of local art for those who support the organization’s work and local artists?

Throughout 2021 LAND is partnering with some of Cleveland’s most talented artists to create unique gift items to commemorate 10 years starting with this scarf designed by local textile artist Molly Fitzpatrick of DittoHouse.

Earlier in February, LAND studio launched a “premium” program, in which the organization partners with area artists to design and create signature gifts for those who donate to LAND, says Tara Turner, LAND’s senior director of development and communications. In exchange for a minimum $100 donation, donors receive a hand-crafted thank you gift.

Turner says the premium program will continue throughout the year, with gifts changing quarterly.

“When a donor gets one of our scarves, or other items we’ll be making available throughout the year, it actually helps three different ways,” says Turner. “It helps LAND studio make our beautiful city even better now; it lifts up our city’s talented local artists; and it helps ensure we can bring another decade of inspired public art and public spaces to Cleveland.”

The first artist to be featured is Molly Fitzpatrick and her vibrant winter scarves. In 2015 Fitzpatrick founded DittoHouse out of her Mayfield Heights home, after her son was born. “I wanted textiles in my home that were bold and exciting,” Fitzpatrick recalls of her motivation. “We had a baby, so we were setting up our home in a thoughtful way.”

Six years later, Fitzpatrick designs a wide range of rugs, throws, tapestries, pillow covers and, now, scarves. She has also worked on LAND studio’s 2019 Forum project (before it was halted because of COVID-19) and participated in Studio to the Street workshop series.

“They reached out to me about doing a collaboration in celebration of their 10th anniversary and I just jumped at it,” says Fitzpatrick. The scarves are made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester.

People can get one of Fitzpatrick’s scarves by simply paying a “premium” to LAND studio, says Turner. In return, for the premium, you get a scarf. “Molly just grabbed our eye,” Turner says. “The [scarves] are hand-crafted, and best of all, they’re made by a local artist. Half the money goes to the artist, and half goes to LAND’s operating budget.”

Since the campaign started in early February, Turner says they have sold 50 scarves and received 65 donations. But she warns that Fitzpatrick’s creations are only available through the end of March—before a new artist, with a creative take on umbrellas is featured.

Turner says the premium gifts will be offered quarterly throughout 2021. “Our goal is to dip our toes in the premium water, but also raise more money with online giving—because we are such a small organization,” she says. “This has been super helpful in building relations with our donors and our artists.”

Donations to LAND studio of any amount are welcome.

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