LAND studio was formed in 2011 through the merger of Cleveland Public Art (CPA) and ParkWorks, two of Cleveland's leading non-profit organizations focused on enhancing our city's public spaces.

Historically, CPA had accomplished this through stimulating public art and ParkWorks through the creation and care of inviting greenspaces. Over time, each organization evolved, embracing larger roles in the envisioning, planning, designing, building, and programming of Cleveland's public spaces. And this evolution was a collaborative one, with both organizations working together more frequently on multiple projects citywide.

Eventually, the two parent organizations came to the conclusion that by becoming more than occasional partners, they could accomplish even greater work for Cleveland. Thus, after a thoughtful merger process, LAND studio was born.

As LAND studio we:

  • green our city’s LANDSCAPE with attractive, active, and accessible public parks;
  • inspire our city’s people with temporary, permanent, and performance public ART;
  • unite NEIGHBORHOODS through collaborative planning and dynamic programming; and
  • enrich communities by supporting and facilitating sustainable building and smart DEVELOPMENT
LAND Studio

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