LAND studio believes that in order to have a functioning, appealing neighborhood it must have active, quality greenspaces that encourage community involvement.

For more than 15 years, we have provided arts and other recreational activities in neighborhood parks to thousands of underserved youth and their families via Park Programming (or Art in the Park as it is called at some neighborhood parks). The program was created to deliver enriching experiences, through a variety of hands-on projects and events.

The unique features of the program lie in the diverse projects that are presented through a variety of artists that expose tens of thousands of Cleveland neighborhood residents to a wide range of arts and cultural activities, allowing artists to interact directly with community members and helping neighborhood children to understand the personal and social importance of the arts. To ensure high-quality programming, we partner with arts organizations large and small, such as the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Public Theatre, Art House Inc., MOCA Cleveland, Upcycle Parts Shop, and Cleveland Music Settlement, to name but a few.

Our service areas include parks in some of Cleveland’s most challenged communities, where residents do not otherwise have access to quality arts education and summer programming. 

"The best part of Art in the Park is the arts & crafts and how the kids all get together as one and help each other out. I like seeing the kids get excited about doing these different arts and crafts."

Wendy, Cleveland mom and Park Programming participant

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