For more than six years, LAND studio has managed the Visual Arts Program on behalf of the Arts & Health Program at MetroHealth. The hospital’s trans­formation plan includes a new hospital building and a reimagined main campus. LAND continues leading the team to select and install hundreds of new works of art throughout MetroHealth.

Our Role

LAND Studio, as the art curator for MetroHealth's new Glick Center campus, has played a vital role in infusing the project with art that embodies our community's values. Guided by the themes of "hope, healing, and community," our art team worked closely with MetroHealth to carefully select each of the 1,008 artworks that grace the campus. MetroHealth's mission has been to ensure that everyone who enters feels welcomed and connected, seeing their own stories and shared experiences in the art.

Notably, 74 percent of the collection features works by local artists or those with strong local ties. This intentional choice has seamlessly integrated art with design, bringing the building to life in a way that complements its architecture. The fusion of art and architecture has elevated the Glick Center campus, fostering a deeper sense of community that extends beyond the physical structure itself.

The Glick Center is home to over 1,000 pieces of art, and the majority of the collection comes from local artists.

Linda Jackson, Director of the Center for Arts in Health, MetroHealth

Project Team

Joe Lanzilotta, Director of Design + Strategy, LAND
Erin Guido, Director of Arts + Special Projects, LAND
Derek Brennan, Artist
Lynnea Holland-Weiss, Artist
Emmanuelle Moureaux, Artist
McKinley Wiley, Photographer
Linda Jackson, Director of the Center for Arts in Health, MetroHealth


NAIOP 2022 Public Art Project of the Year Award for 'MetroHealth Arts in Health'


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