In May 2022, Pat Perry created a mural titled Life Boat on the side of The Foundry building on Columbus Ave in the Flats. The mural tells the story of rowing and depicts The Foundry's mission to make rowing and sailing accessible to youth of all ages and backgrounds in Cleveland.

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About the Art

The artist felt a deep connection to the environment around him, especially the river. He wanted to create something that represented the community's values. During his conversations with The Foundry and other team leaders, they discussed their goal to work with kids from different socio-economic backgrounds. This inspired him to create a mural that emphasized diversity.

He wanted his mural to showcase that rowing is a sport for everyone, regardless of their background. He aimed to highlight the importance of teamwork and collaboration by featuring teenagers with different physical abilities who worked together seamlessly. Rather than focusing on physical power, the mural emphasizes the power of people working towards a common goal.

Pat  Perry

Meet the Artist

Pat Perry

Pat Perry (b. Michigan, 1991) is an American artist primarily painting, drawing, photographing, and implementing large-scale outdoor murals around the world. Many of Pat’s projects have supported various social causes including cooperative pro...

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