Murals by local and national artists are installed on walls along Detroit Avenue to enhance Gordon Square's main commercial corridor. Artists with a variety of backgrounds, styles, and mediums have helped to make the arts district feel more like an arts district.

The murals by local and national artists installed along or near Detroit Ave. in the Gordon Square Arts District in Detroit Shoreway create a corridor of public art. The district has many theaters, creative buisnesses, restaurants, artist residents and studios, and other public art installations. The murals compliment the creative energy that already exist in the neighborhood and add to the feeling that the area is diverse and artistic. They also help bridge between large art spaces on Cleveland's west side: 78th Street Studios in Gordon Square and Spaces Gallery and the Transformer Station in the Hingetown area of Ohio City.

Murals throughout the corridor are by local artists Darius StewardJustin Michael WillRyan JaenkeLisa QuineEileen Dorsey (in collaboration with Chicago-based artist, Ish Muhammad and in partnership with Graffiti Heart), Matthew SweeneyDante RodriguezMasumi Hayashi (in collaboration with The Masumi Hayashi Museum), and Amber Ford (as part of Gordan Square Arts District's artist residency). Jessie and Katey, a Baltimore-based artist team, created the mural on the east-facing wall of The Centers

The murals were implemented in collaboration with Gordan Square Arts District. Funding was provided by the City of Cleveland (thanks to Councilman Matt Zone), The Murphy Family FoundationThe Cleveland Foundation, and the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. Three murals were installed with heat-applied vinyl, and we are thankful to Consolidated Solutions, our local printer and installer.


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