During the summer of 2023, Sydney Kay was commissioned to create a piece for our See Also partnership program with Cleveland Public Library. The annual series presents innovative and thought-provoking temporary works of art at various Library locations across Cleveland.

From the artist

Delicate Volume 2 follows the series of combating the dangerous stereotype that Black women are strong and independent. Such stereotypes can lead to assumptions that make people think that Black women do not need help and cannot ask for help when needed. Other assumptions include that black women can handle more pain than other races, both physically and emotionally. So, while Black women are often pushed into that ideal that they are strong and independent, it is not the end of the spectrum of what Black women are. They are kind, caring, nurturing, and can be gentle as well.

Sydney Kay

Meet the Artist

Sydney Kay

Sydney Nicole Kay is a multimedia artist working in photography, video, and screen printing. Originally from the Eastern Shore in Maryland, she received her BFA in Photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2021. Sydney currently works in cr...

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