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Gordon Square Arts District Murals


About the Work

The eight new murals in the Gordon Square Arts District create a corridor of public art throughout Cleveland’s Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. Residents and visitors can be seen admiring these murals by taking photographs to show family and friends.

The murals, created by local and national artists, help transform public space into canvases of creativity, inspiration, and pride for residents. By transforming public spaces into accessible, free public art, the city's artists unveil potential that may have previously been overlooked. 

Creative Team

Dante Rodriguez -

Darius Steward -
Cleveland, Ohio

Eileen Dorsey -

Ish Muhammad -

Jessie and Katey -

Justin Will -

Lisa Quine -

Matthew Sweeney -

Ryan Jaenke -
Cleveland, Ohio

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Detroit Ave., between W. 52 and W. 74
Cleveland, OH 44102

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