The This is Shaker Square project is bringing together stakeholders from all around the Shaker Square district - from Larchmere to Buckeye and everywhere in between - to create a place that is welcoming and accessible for all.

The development of a variety of high-impact projects in and around the Square will improve the quality of life for all residents and will work to foster civic pride, reconnecting this storied community and catalyzing the entire area for potential future growth. Many short-term wins are in the works for this long-term, multi-phased project so stay up-to-date on all the latest news on This is Shaker Square on Facebook and Twitter.

Hargreaves Associates

Meet the Designer

Hargreaves Associates

Hargreaves Associates created the future vision for Shaker Square in 2019, and has been at the forefront of landscape architecture and planning for 30+ years. Globally renowned for the transformation of neglected urban sites, waterfronts and campuses...

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An Informational & Entertaining Podcast Series Complemented our Intensive Community Outreach

Hosts Julian Khan and Justin Glanville share the fascinating history of Shaker Square and what may be in store for its future by talking with and getting feedback from many area stakeholders and others passionate about Shaker Square.

Listen to the This is Shaker Square podcasts here!

This is Shaker Square Podcast Episode #2

This is Shaker Square Podcast Episode #2

Hosts Julian Khan & Justin Glanville share the fascinating history of Shaker Square and speak with project leadership
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