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LAND studio believes that in order to have a functioning, appealing neighborhood you must have active, quality greenspaces that encourage community growth and involvement. For more than a decade, LAND studio has provided arts and other recreational activities in neighborhood parks to thousands of underserved youth via park programming. Our summer arts program was created to deliver enriching experiences, through a variety of hands-on projects and events with activities including dance, drumming, soccer, painting, and more. The unique features of the program lie in the diverse projects that are presented through a variety of artists. This programming exposes neighborhood residents to a wide range of arts and cultural activities and fosters a sense of accomplishment and learning on a weekly basis.

LAND studio recognizes the value of bringing arts organizations and individual professional artists to community greenspaces, allowing artists to interact directly with community members and helping neighborhood children to understand the personal and social importance of the arts. To ensure high-quality programming, we partner with arts organizations such as Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Public Theatre, Art House Inc., and MOCA Cleveland.

Our service areas include parks in some of Cleveland’s most challenged communities, where residents do not otherwise have access to quality arts education and summer programming. In 2014, we provided programming in nine neighborhood parks and greenspaces throughout Cleveland, including Herman Park, Lake Pool, and Michael J. Zone Recreation Center in Detroit Shoreway, Baltic Park in Cudell, Fairview Park in Ohio City, Lincoln Park and Clark Field in Tremont, Rainey Institute in Hough and Churchill Park in Glenville.

Each summer, LAND studio provides free arts programming to youth and their families in Cleveland’s neighborhood parks. This series lets children explore a range of artistic media through workshops and play in their own communities.

For thousands of participants, these activities provide access to Cleveland’s leading arts and cultural organizations, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Public Theatre, the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, Upcycle Parts Shop, Talespinner Children’s Theatre, and Djapo Cultural Arts Institute.

In 2018, LAND studio provided programming to more than 17,000 residents—the largest number in the history of the program—in Herman Park, Michael Zone Recreation Center, and Dudley Triangle in Detroit Shoreway, Clifton-Baltic Park in Cudell, Fairview Park in Ohio City, Lincoln Park in Tremont, Rainey Institute in Hough, and over 30 sites throughout Buckeye-Shaker, Mount Pleasant, Woodland Hills, and Larchmere.

This impact was made possible through a network of dedicated partners, including community development corporations, block clubs, residents, and more than 100 artists and vendors. These collaborations allowed LAND studio to provide 85 events for participants, including theater, music, visual arts, outdoor movies, and more.

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Click here to view a video, illustrating this work and why it's so important.

Visit our park programming blog, with content driven by participating youth.

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