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Julia Christensen's Waiting for a Break Artist: Dakarai Akil Artist: Brian Jasinski Corner Light by Cleveland SGS Corner Light by Cleveland SGS Corner Light by Cleveland SGS Photo Courtesy of Bob Perkoski Photo Courtesy of Bob Perkoski

About the Work

Landform, a three-year plan for temporary public art in Public Square and the Mall beginning in 2016 and continuing through 2018, is a series of projects of varied scale and media developed by a diverse group of local, regional, and international artists, and is made possible through a generous grant from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation. 

The first of these projects—installed in the summer of 2016 and remaining through the first quarter of 2017 — featured 376 colorful plastic animals by CrackingArt. The project was located at the Cleveland Public Library and the Great Lakes Science Center, as well as in Public Square, and a number of city neighborhoods. 
Protest, the second iteration of the Landform public art series is an installation created by Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist Olalekan ‘LEK’ Jeyifous located on the lawn in Public Square. Protest consists of four steel silhouettes showing images of people peacefully protesting or making a stand. Each sculpture weighs nearly one-ton and averages about 10 feet in height.

Additionally, at the end of 2017 two new installations were completed and can now be seen in Public Square. Corner Light, sculptures based on signage found in the city’s neighborhoods, was designed by artist collective Cleveland SGS. And Waiting for a Break, a video kiosk that displays rotating live feeds of Lake Erie's surface as the winter ice forms, shifts, and finally breaks, designed by artist Julia Christensen. 

Four murals, completed to date, all by Cleveland artists, have been installed on the Public Square café art wall. The current work, by local artist Breanne Trammell, was installed in December. These murals are part of a series of eight, which will be installed through the end of 2018. The café art wall creates a unique opportunity for LAND studio to work with emerging artists in this highly visible public space. 2018 will bring even more exciting public art to downtown Cleveland; we look forward to sharing it with you!

Creative Team

Breanne Trammell -

Brian Jasinski -

Cleveland SGS -

Dakarai Akil -

Dante Rodriguez -

Jimmy Kuehnle -

Julia Christensen -

Justin Will -

Lauren Herzak-Bauman -

Olalekan Jeyifous -

Studioweave -

Terran Washington -

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