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Edgewater Hill Blue Birds


About the Work

Edgewater Hill is a small section of Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. It is characterized by turn of the century homes, industrial warehouses, and the Battery Park Development on the site of a former Eveready Battery plant. One of the most appealing aspects of the neighborhood is its proximity to Cleveland’s largest lakefront park, Edgewater. While the neighborhood is separated from the park by a rail line and the lakefront highway, the relationship between the neighborhood and the Lake Erie shoreline is important.

Thirty-five bluebird sculptures were installed throughout Edgewater Hill, illustrating the neighbood's position on the Atlantic Flyway as a rest stop for migrating birds and instilling a sense of neighborhood identity. On utility poles, street corners, warehouse buildings, and homes, the Edgewater Hill Blue Birds make visible the connection between the neighborhood and Lake Erie. During the summer months, some of the Blue Birds are hidden in the trees. In the fall and winter, the Blue Birds reveal themselves and appear as bright blue ornaments set off against the seasonal backdrops.

The Edgewater Hill Blue Bird project is a collaboration between the Edgewater Hill Block Club, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Corporation, Ward 17 Councilman Matt Zone, Neighborhood Progress Inc., Neighborhood Connections, and LAND studio.

Creative Team

Mark Reigelman II - http://www.markreigelman.com

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W. 76th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102

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