Stay dry celebrating Cleveland's public art & public space!

Plan on taking a The City is Our Museum tour from our new app? Grab our wonderful new umbrella and no matter the weather, you are ready to go, in style!

These large, high-quality, traveling umbrellas, designed by LAND studio Project Manager (and local artist!) Joe Lanzilotta, were created for us in the UK, and will help you stay dry, looking fabulous, and will help LAND studio continue to do amazing things for Cleveland, just like creating the new The City is Our Museum app!

For a gift of $65 we will provide you with the world’s cutest bumbershoot so that you can display your love of public art…and LAND studio, wherever you go. There is a limited quantity of these special pieces so gets your soon before they are gone! Thank you!

The app was created by the virtual tour application platform Stqry and is available for FREE from the App Store and Google Play.

This item will be available for a limited time, in a very limited quantity.

The vision for the app is to connect residents and visitors to Cleveland’s ever-expanding public art collection, highlighting the beauty in the city’s neighborhoods, as well as include other notable sites related to the city’s history and infrastructure that residents might explore.

Freshwater Cleveland,
April 14. 2022

LAND studio umbrella
LAND studio The City is Our Museum Umbrella
LAND studio The City is Our Museum Umbrella
LAND studio The City is Our Museum Umbrella
LAND Studio

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