In the past few months, parks, trails, public art, and public spaces have provided respite to many. LAND studio has been considering ways in which more of our daily activities can occur in the public realm, and we came up with a campaign called The City Is Our Museum, or TCIOM, to shine a light on artworks and public spaces that can be found around town. We are creating TCIOM tours of various parts of the city that can be experienced on a bike, on foot, or even through a car window.

Tour #1 is a loop through the near west side that covers parts of Ohio City, Detroit Shoreway, and Edgewater Park. On this tour you will experience the trails, parkland, city sidewalks, murals, sculptures, tunnels, and buildings that give these neighborhoods their unique character.

Begin and end wherever you like, and complete all or part of the loop. The approximate length of tour #1 is 4.5 miles, with a few branches that would add some distance.

LAND would love to see what sparks joy for you, so please share the ways you see inspiration in the city! Be safe, have fun, and give us feedback on your TCIOM adventure!


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Stay tuned for more public art walking tours!

We want to share the joy created through public art and high-quality public spaces! The City is our Museum initiative is shining light on the range of artworks that exist throughout the city and on the talented artists that create them!

Download TCIOM coloring pages, use one of ours that is ready to go, or make your own sign and show us your favorite spots!

Don't forget to use #thecityisourmuseum to share your favorite art and public spaces - whatever they may be!

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