Each year, LAND studio offers area businesses and civic stakeholders the opportunity to display their investment in Cleveland through the sponsorship of a City Side Garden. These are small greenspaces within highly trafficked areas or vacant lots. The program has been enhancing the city’s urban landscape and improving the quality of life for Cleveland residents for more than thirty years. Through LAND studio’s work the gardens are professionally landscaped and feature sponsoring organizations with signage, while replacing unsightly, littered vacant lots and street corners in Cleveland.

LAND studio’s City Side Gardens are an important piece to build on the city’s positive momentum and present the highest quality urban green spaces each year, for our city’s residents, as well as for an increasing number of visitors. Seeing a City Side Garden may be the first impression visitors have of Cleveland. LAND studio’s focus on public space improvement projects throughout the city ensures that Cleveland continues to look its best year-round. Maintaining our City Side Gardens is a part of these efforts. 

Thank you to our current City Side Garden sponsors, Covia, Fortec, The Rotary Club of Cleveland, The Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and Dominion!

If you are interested in becoming a garden sponsor, please contact Tara Turner for details!


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