The Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA) reports that there are currently more than 1,000 kids under the age of 14 living Downtown. With a population of downtown Cleveland now >18,000, the goal is to get to 20,000 residents by 2020. Downtown's population has increase 79% since 2000, including a 77% increase in Millennial residents and a 97% increase in Baby Boomers.

LAND studio is currently working with designers and engineers to develop engaging concepts, as well as programming toward the further development of a series of innovative active spaces that will provide amenities for youth and their families living in downtown Cleveland and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as families visiting our city.

The following sites have been identified as the first locations for 216GO! active spaces, with two additional sites still in the vetting process:

Mall C: Greenspace north of Lakeside Avenue and adjacent to City Hall to the west, directly behind another LAND studio public art installation, Sky Blossoms. Sky Blossoms, designed by Stacy Levy, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Shaker Lakes Garden Club and serves as a major landmark and public space in Downtown Cleveland. The artist worked with landscape architect Jim McKnight to develop this public art/green space that debuted in 2015.

Lincoln Lawn: Greenspace along Mall A, outside of the Drury Hotel

Instead of one, main playground considerations have been made for a series of playscapes, a signature gateway park, and a place to play basketball. LAND's short-term goals for this ongoing project include formalizing our engagement of Chiaozza (pronounced like Yowza), an art and design firm from Brooklyn, NY, to create an installation for The Lincoln Lawn/Mall A and work with the design studio at Kompan International, on the site at Mall C, to be part of Kompan’s design studio initiative.

Project Team

City Councilman Kerry McCormack
KOMPAN, Related Designer/Artist
YMCA, Partner
Jim McKnight, Landscape Architect
The Cleveland Public Library, Partner
Chiaozza, Artist
Leadership Cleveland

Map of Project
LAND Studio

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