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About the Work

Shadow and LIght is a subtle, beautiful, and practical work of art oriented to the 150-foot-tall wind turbine on the front lawn of the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC).

The main components of Shadow and Light are two concrete pathways that emanate from a circular concrete plaza at the turbine's base. The pathways, one of which makes a wheelchair-accessible connection to the sidewalk in front of the museum, are in the form of shadows cast by the turbine on the days when an equinox occurs. One pathway matches the shadow that occurs at solar noon on the day of an equinox, and the other matches the shadow that occurs three hours later.

Supplementing the shadows is a sculptural seating structure, cast in concrete, that appears to be made up of cartons containing 4,440 standard incandescent light bulbs. The sculpture refers to the use of electricity in the average American home. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, this number of 100-watt light bulbs, if burned continuously for 24 hours, would use approximately the same amount of electricity as that consumed by the typical American household in the course of one year.

How It Started

LAND studio, in partnership with the GLSC, initiated WindWorks, a project with the goal of developing educational public artwork around the science center's then-new wind turbine. LAND studio led an artist-selection process that resulted in the commissioning of New York artists Allan Wexler and Ellen Wexler to create the artwork. Shadow and Light is the name of their completed artwork.


Great Lakes Science Center
Cleveland, OH 44114

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