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Wendy Park Redesign

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About the Work

Wendy Park, located where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie, has transformed from a hidden treasure to well-used waterfront park since Cuyahoga County took ownership over the property in 2004.  LAND studio has partnered with the County to create a Management Plan for the park to balance increasing recreational uses with its significance as a near shore habitat.

Creative Team

Conger Moss Guillard - http://www.cmgsite.com/

Miguel Rosales - http://rgabridges.com/firm.htm

Other Facts

San Francisco-based landscape architecture firm Conger Moss Guillard, was commissioned to design the plan. The final product puts structure to what people already love about the park and features two event lawns, a structured parking lot, a promenade/boardwalk, and a lake and city overlook. 

The plan calls for beach improvements, restored marsh area and use of solar panels wherever possible. Easier access will be achieved through  a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, from the west side of the old river channel and over the railroad tracks.

Cuyahoga County has hired bridge Architect Miguel Rosales to lead the design process for the above-mentioned pedestrian and bike bridge that will allow residents and visitors in the Flats to cross a series of railroad tracks in order to access Wendy Park and Lake Erie. As a part of the Cuyahoga County and City of Cleveland Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, the bridge will enhance Cleveland’s physical asset base, increase the attractiveness of private land for investment, and provide access to the lake. The Bridge will encourage a public life in the Flats neighborhood of Cleveland by creating an active and walkable neighborhood that is attractive to families and to growing small and medium businesses looking to attract energetic new workers and have access to greenspace.

The Outcome

The new management plan will balance recreational uses and natural assets, with the goal of turning the park over to Cleveland Metroparks in the future.

For more information on the pedestrian bridge read this article by Laura Johnston .

Map to Event location pin


West Bank of the Flats
Whiskey Island

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