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Waterloo Streetscape


About the Work

Work on a streetscape-improvement and street-rebuilding project in the Waterloo Road arts and entertainment district was completed in October 2014. The project includes two public art components, a set of permanent light pole-mounted banners and a steel kiosk with multiple functions. The artworks were chosen from several ideas presented to the City of Cleveland’s Public Art Committee by local artists.

The pole-mounted banners were designed by Lou Ross and Jerry Schmidt, both Collinwood-based, and were fabricated by Schmidt.

Architect Bradford Watson, formerly of Cleveland and now a professor at Montana State University, designed the kiosk, which was fabricated by Architectural Sheet Metals LLC of Cleveland. The kiosk includes lighting, a glass-enclosed bulletin board, a container for chalk, and a roof-mounted megaphone. The bulletin board is designed to accommodate a digital display if an upgrade is desired in the future, and the entire surface of the kiosk is intended to serve as a community chalkboard.

The new artworks complement existing artwork on the street, which includes the iconic Waterloo Tower.

Creative Team

Architectural Sheet Metals LLC

Jerry Schmidt

Lou Ross

Other Facts

The public art component of the Waterloo streetscape project was funded by the City of Cleveland’s Public Art Program, a percent-for-art program that requires that most major capital projects undertaken by the city set aside funds for public art. LAND studio administers the program on behalf of the city.


15710 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44110

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