Valleyview Animal Sculpture Restoration
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Valleyview Animal Sculpture Restoration


About the Work

Works Progress Administration (WPA) artists, working in Cleveland from 1933 to 1943, produced an impressive collection of artwork that can still be found in public buildings and sites throughout the region. While many of these works have been cared for over time, an equal number have been neglected or lost entirely.

LAND studio has a set of four simple yet compelling WPA cast concrete animal sculptures including a bear, a walrus, a frog, and a squirrel. These sculptures were originally installed in the Valleyview Homes site, a public housing project in the Tremont neighborhood.

LAND studio, in partnership with CMHA, has developed a plan to ensure that these cultural artifacts can be properly conserved and reintegrated into the new Valleyview for future generations of residents to enjoy. LAND studio envisions the sculptures’ being used as iconic place makers, helping to bring a unique and distinctive character to various parts of Valleyview. Since these sculptures were isolated from the larger Tremont community for most of their life, LAND studio will make it possible for them to appear at other neighborhood locations, helping to break down some of the barriers that have historically separated Valleyview from the rest of Tremont.

More recently, LAND studio has partnered with the City of Cleveland and Councilman Brian Cummins' office on reproducing some of the sculptures for placement in the vicinity of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.

Creative Team

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Tremont and Brooklyn Centre
Cleveland, OH

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