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With more than 50 arts, cultural, educational, medical, and research institutions concentrated in one square mile, Cleveland's University Circle is the second largest employment center in the region. Long viewed as a largely institutional campus with limited residential or commercial amenities, the district has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Uptown, a mixed-use development, is perhaps the most daring demonstration of this rebirth - as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) sits amidst stunning residential, retail, and dramatic public spaces in a vibrant setting.

LAND studio led the efforts to bring world-class landscape architecture talent to this project. Contracted by MRN, the private real estate developer, Case Western Reserve University and MOCA, LAND studio helped identify a select list of the world's finest designers for consideration by the partners. 

James Corner Field Operations (designer of the acclaimed High Line in NYC) was selected to create a vision for the public spaces that would knit the project together. This high profile site includes the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Uptown project. Key to the project's success has been LAND studio's role as a convener and facilitator among a wide range of interests within the project area.  

Creative Team

James Corner Field Operations - http://www.fieldoperations.net/

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