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About the Work

LAND studio was engaged by the Denver-based Sage Hospitality to curate and install all interior and exterior artwork for its new Downtown Cleveland Westin Hotel. Sage Hospitality is passionate about incorporating contemporary and relevant local art into its projects. The Cleveland Westin Hotel comprises 484 rooms ornamented with more than 1,500 pieces of artwork that includes more than 145 original works by all Cleveland area artists. Seven public area artworks were commissioned specifically for the hotel. There are over 30 local artists, including photographers, painters, printmakers, sculptures, graphic designers, illustrators, and other kinds of mixed media artists who contributed to the Cleveland Westin Hotel's collection.

LAND studio's team, including The Project Group and Epstein Design Partners, was engaged by Sage Hospitality to bring local artwork into the Cleveland Westin Hotel. Together, LAND studio and partners identified artwork that drew on the region’s rich industrial heritage and Cleveland’s distinctive natural landscape to create the exciting feel of reinvention.

Sarah Kabot and Marianne Desmarais created a large-scale public artwork on the exterior of the building that evokes the bending Cuyahoga River.  Inside the main lobby guests are struck by a peaceful, larger than life head sculpture by Olga Zimska constructed out of hundreds of tree branches reclaimed from the construction of the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge in the Tremont neighborhood.  Behind the reception desk is a 40-plus foot long textured plaster wall sculpture created by Lauren Herzak Bauman that calls to mind waves on the surface of nearby Lake Erie.  These are just a handful of the hundreds of artworks that visitors and guests to the Cleveland Westin Hotel can experience. 

In the spirit of engaging local talent, LAND studio enlisted six local companies to frame and print more than 1,500 archival artworks. Additionally, two local engineering companies and two local custom fabrication companies helped deliver the large-scale outdoor pieces.

Due to the variety and volume of works that resulted from this process, guests have a less than 1% chance of seeing the same artwork if they come back and stay for a second visit!

For a visual tour of the collection, click here: The Westin Art Guide.

Creative Team

Adrienne Slane -

Anne Kibbe

Art Forum -
Framing Company 

Bay Photo Lab -
Printing Company

Bob Kelemen

Bonfoey Gallery -
Framing Company

Brooke Figer

Canvas Pop -
Printing Company

Christi Birchfield -

Corrie Slawson -

Craig Brown

Dana Oldfather -

Elizabeth Emery -

Garrett Haas -

Jak Prints -
Printing Company

Jason Turnidge

Jeff Downie -

Jen Craun -

Judy Rawson -

Kate Snow -

Kate Ward Terry

Laura Cooperman -

Lauren Herzak-Bauman -

Liquid Image -
Printing Company

Liz Maugans -

M. Gentile -
Framing Company

Marianne Desmarais -

McCartan Design -

Michael Loderstedt -

Nicole Schneider

Olga Ziemska -

Pamela Testa

Paul Duda Gallery -
Printing Company

Ricky Rhodes

Ryan Poorman

Sarah Kabot -

Shelly Ahearn

Susie Frazier Mueller -

Timothy Kilkenny

Tricia Lazuka -

Wendy Partridge

Zygote Press -


Check out The Westin Cleveland Downtown video here!


777 Saint Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114

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nina gibas 5 years ago

This project captures the spirit of Cleveland's best--leadership, collaboration and the essence of our creative life! Beautiful results!

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