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The Avenue District


About the Work

LAND studio arranged for two local artists, Sarah Kabot and Mark A. Reigelman II, to enhance the public realm in the district and to work toward satisfying the Public Art Program’s goals, among which are the provision of accessible artwork throughout the city.

Sarah Kabot’s work consists of outdoor “carpets” in the form of rectangular areas in the sidewalk laid out with pavers arranged in rhythmic patterns, which are set off by metal inlays and other accent pieces. Mark A Reigelman II's contribution takes the form of sculpted metal fencing that surrounds the planting beds along the street.

Creative Team

Mark Reigelman II -

Sarah Kabot -

How It Started

In support of the Avenue District, a new neighborhood being developed on the northeastern edge of downtown, the City of Cleveland redesigned and rebuilt a stretch of E. 12th St. The street improvements include a streetscape component, which through the city’s Public Art Program, is required to provide funds for public artwork.


E. 12th St.
Cleveland, OH

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