Superior Avenue Industrial Pavilions
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Superior Avenue Industrial Pavilions

About the Work

Stephen Manka's three sculptural pavilions, set in the live-work arts district emerging along Superior Avenue and other streets just east of downtown Cleveland, refer to the neighborhood's architecture and industrial heritage.

The artwork consists of three illuminated sculptural pavilions, all of which are constructed of high-grade stainless steel and outfitted with programmable LEDs.

Each pavilion refers to an aspect of Superior Avenue's history or architecture. The Woven Dome reflects the area’s former textile industry, the Watering Tower reflects the rooftop water tanks, many of which still exist in the district, and the Excavator in general illustrates the manufacturing and industrial character of the neighborhood. The sculptures have a lantern-like appearance at night.

How It Started

When the City of Cleveland rebuilt Superior Avenue from the vicinity of E. 17th St. to the Inner Belt (I-90), $200,000 was set aside for public art. The City of Cleveland’s Public Art Committee selected Cleveland-based artist Stephen Manka to develop the artwork. LAND studio worked with and on behalf of the city in managing and coordinating the process from artist selection through completion.

Other Facts

Project consists of three stainless steel sculptural pavilions, each of which is fitted with a programmable LED lighting system


Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH

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