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Sky Blossoms

Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Picking out colors with Stacy Levy Picking out colors with Stacy Levy Checking on progress with the fabricators

About the Work

Sky Blossoms, designed by Stacy Levy, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Shaker Lakes Garden Club and serves as a major landmark and public space in Downtown Cleveland. The artist worked with landscape architect Jim McKnight to develop a planting plan. Together the artwork and surrounding landscape create a gateway and pedestrian destination on Mall C.

Sky Blossoms is designed to reflect the local environment. An undulating path flows through islands of green grass reminiscent of the Cuyahoga River. The collection of stainless steel poles dotted with colorful fins reference the tall ships of Lake Erie. The fins express the prevailing winds of Lake Erie and the brightly colored shades of blue and pink mimic local flowers.

Creative Team

Stacy Levy -

How It Started

The Shaker Lakes Garden Club celebrated its centennial year in 2015. The organization has a long history of civic involvement and activism; they’ve contributed to the region in numerous ways, including helping establish the Lakefront State Park, establishing and maintaining gardens and parks across the city, and establishing rapid recovery and educational programs. Most notably, the group saved the Shaker Lakes Natural Preserve in the 1960’s from a planned superhighway that would have destroyed over 200 acres of wildlife and wiped out hundreds of nearby homes. A part of the group’s centennial celebration was the commissioning of the public art legacy gift that would bring enjoyment to the people of Cleveland while capturing their commitment to nature, the environment, and the city.


Sky Blossoms - 'Sky Blossoms' installation by artist Stacy Levy aims to celebrate wind on downtown Mall

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