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Shaker Square is nationally known as a model for transit-oriented development. Built in the late 1920s as the centerpiece of the Van Sweringen brother’s iconic community development, the Square is the oldest shopping district in Ohio and the second oldest in the country. However, since the 1980s, the Square and its surrounding neighborhoods have become vulnerable in the wake of harmful economic trends affecting the region. Today, the Square—a regional amenity-accommodates more than 1 million transit users annually, and is a seam between neighborhoods that vary significantly in affluence, racial diversity, and real estate stability. Its reputation as an innovative and exciting community asset has waned, therefore necessitating a comprehensive enhancement plan. 
Through the support of the Saint Luke’s Foundation, LAND studio has a longstanding presence in the Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood, working to plan and program public spaces. This work is part of Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation and Saint Luke’s goals to spur economic development, livability, and connectivity through public realm enhancements and improved access to greenspace. 
As an extension of this work that has included public space design, public art projects, and park programming, LAND studio has partnered with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress to engage with Shaker Square stakeholders to explore opportunities for investing in the design, management, and stewardship of this community landmark. The Coral Company, the owner of the Square, is interested in determining how the site can be improved as a gateway between two municipalities and several neighborhoods. 

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Listen to the This is Shaker Square podcast! Hosts Julian Khan and Justin Glanville share the fascinating history of Shaker Square and what is in store for the future! Listen here.

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The project team is coming to a community meeting near you! Please join us or suggest an existing meeting where we should come to hear your thoughts! Listening tour meetings can be found here!

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