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See Also brings temporary works of art each summer to the Eastman Reading Garden at the Cleveland Public Library in downtown Cleveland. The program strives to initiate creative, innovative, and thought-provoking works of art that add to the Library’s broad range of cultural programming. The term “see also” refers to an idea in library cataloging, which essentially means “look here, but also look for these related terms that cover similar topics.” Connecting a wide range of topics and ideas to one another through artwork helps strengthen the Library’s dedication to providing information, programs, and materials that are interactive and engaging to the public. Using the term “see also” is a way of connecting people to the past in a forward-looking way.

The program began in 2010 and is generously funded through an endowment established by the late Lockwood Thompson, a trustee of the Library and an avid art collector. The Lockwood Thompson Endowment Fund was created to improve access to contemporary art and culture for all Clevelanders. See Also was designed to engage with audiences in a new way by bringing artwork to the reading garden. This program is a collaboration between the Library and LAND studio.

See Also Installations
2010 Watership Down — Jon Reed and Maier Yagod
2011 Power of the Pieces — Donald Black, Jr.
2012 Figure / Ground — Scott Stibich
2013 Reading Nest — Mark Reigelman II
2014 Drawing Lines — Ivan Juarez
2015 Migration — Andréa Keys Connell 
2016 #FlockCLE — CrackingArt
2017 Dialogue — Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster
2018 Common Energy -- Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Creative Team

Andréa Keys Connell -

CrackingArt -
The group consists of six international artists which, since the birth of Cracking Art Movement in 1983 with “Epocale” exhibiton in Milan (edited by Tommaso Trini e Luca Beatrice), shared the common intention to change the history of Art by means of a strong social and environmental commitment, in conjunction with a revolutionary and innovative use of plastic materials, to evoke the close relationship between human society and natural environment. A group-dimension does not restrict the single artist’s personal expression: each member of Cracking Art is therefore free to develop a personal work with plastic materials. The Cracking Art has brought its message of social and environmental awareness to over 384 exhibitions worldwide.

Donald Black, Jr. -

IMAX Industries -

Ivan Juarez -

Jon Reed

Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster -

Lauren Herzak-Bauman -

Maier Yagod

Mark Reigelman II -

Scott Stibich -
Scott Stibich is a Cleveland based sculptor with a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work currently explores the displacement of objects, animate or inanimate. This forceful removal provides a new context for objects to be viewed and understood. Stibich has shown work at the Sculpture Center and the Cleveland Museum of Art. His most recent endeavor, the bike rack, is a collaboration with artist Mark Reigelman which is a permanent installation transforming a downtown parking garage and surrounding area at the center of Cleveland’s first public Bike Station. Stibich has also worked on two nationally honored public art projects.


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