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Red Line Greenway

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About the Work

The Red Line Greenway is a concept for a nearly three mile multi-purpose trail and greenspace corridor which would run parallel to The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's (RTA's) Red Line rapid transit tracks from Zone Recreation Center at West 65th Street, through Detroit Shoreway, Ohio City, and into downtown Cleveland.  Along the way it would connect with the Stockyards neighborhood, Tremont, and the Flats as it connects directly with LAND studio's Lake Link Trail, the Towpath Trail and the new Rivergate Park and future Cleveland Skate Park.

The groundwork for the Red Line Greenway was laid as far back as 1977 when the Rotary Club of Cleveland adopted a small parcel of land around the Red Line's West 25th Street station. For more than 30 years, a committed group of volunteers has maintained its original commitment and expanded its area of coverage beyond the station's immediate environs to include over two miles of greenspace maintenance. More than $500,000 in labor and improvements have been made by the Rotarians to set the stage for this larger vision.  Plain Dealer Art & Architecture critic Steven Litt describes the project as having the potential to “become Cleveland’s version of the New York High Line”.

In 2012, LAND studio partnered with the Rotary Club of Cleveland to invest early-stage design dollars to develop a conceptual plan for the Red Line Greenway. Cleveland-based Design teams at both Vocon and Environmental Design Group (EDG) have helped develop the vision for the project.  Practical considerations such as protecting trail users from the active commuter rail line and ensuring access for routine track maintenance are essential components of the project’s design.   

The Red Line Greenway vision was presented to the boards of the Greater Cleveland RTA and the Cleveland Metroparks in June 2014.  Leadership at both agencies have endorsed the project and assigned key staff members to work with the Rotary Club and LAND studio to further develop the design and identify funding for project implementation.  

Click Here to view the Rotary Club’s video tour of the Red Line Greenway.

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