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Public Art for Food Carts Program


About the Work

In conjunction with the City of Cleveland's recently launched food cart initiative, LAND studio has begun a program that pairs the first 10 of the new food cart operators with local artists to visually enhance the food carts and boldly express each vendor's offerings. Unlike traditional food retail, food carts do not have the benefit of large storefront windows, signage, or outdoor patios as a way to market themselves and attract potential customers. Making the food carts into mobile works of public art is an immediate way to create a brand for each new business.

How It Started

The City of Cleveland's new food cart program is intended to foster entrepreneurship, develop small businesses, expand availability of affordable healthy food, and activate the city's streets and public spaces. The city has committed $400,000 over three years to provide low-cost loans and grants to entrepreneurs and existing small businesses to jump-start the program and minimize barriers to entry for aspiring business owners. With this seed funding, the City envisions creating 30 new entrepreneurial businesses during the program's first three years.

The Outcome

The program will create a unique brand and visual identity for 10 small businesses. Local artists and the 10 food cart operators will be matched appropriately so the art created builds a strong connection between the brand personality of the cart and its food offerings.

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