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Old Brooklyn Root Riders May 03, 2018 - May 03, 2018

Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski Photo Credit: Bob Perkoski

About the Work

Part of the City of Cleveland Public Art Program, local artist Melissa Daubert’s Old Brooklyn Root Riders make up the public art component of the recently completed streetscape improvements along Pearl Road in Old Brooklyn. The installation pays homage to the neighborhood’s history as a center of hothouse horticulture.
The carrot sculptures lining the street, stand atop metal structures designed to look like extremely tall unicycles. The structures have wheel shapes at the bottom and also function as bike racks.
The Root Riders consist of a metal armature covered with coir, also known as coconut fiber, a very durable material obtained from coconuts. Polyethylene outdoor foliage is used to represent the greens on top of the carrots, and the metal plates the artworks stand on are covered with polypropylene turf. Daubert has used the materials in other outdoor projects, and they have proven to hold up well in the local climate.
The eight Root Riders, fabricated locally by Rustbelt Welding, were installed in the fall of 2017.

Creative Team

Melissa Daubert - http://www.melissadaubert.com/

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4138 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109

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